It is our mission to ensure that our studio provides classes for everyone no matter age, ability or goals. Yoga is a practice with great opportunity of moving into stillness in order to experience who we are. Regardless the class you choose to join us in, you will experience a grounded practice based on supported alignment, breathe, intention, guided meditation, and fun! Our practice is considerate and lovingly guided to be a "Work in" rather than a work out.  Be ready for transformation. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us if your desire guidance choosing your class. We are here to support you!  Please read the description of your class before you register.  Class Descriptions

Far Infrared Heat

At Shanti Heart Yoga in Clearwater - heated therapeutic yoga with FIR (Far Infrared Radiant) heat is a non-invasive, natural and safe form of heating, which not only feels great but is also extremely therapeutic. Our classroom is fitted with specialized flooring that is zero out-gassing in the heat, anti-bacterial and comfortable!  The  infrared heaters include patented state of the art air purification technology. Learn More ...

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 Each person we guide will be best served by giving them their own powerful, transformative experiences in this long range quantum shift coaching technique.  Our system is designed to fully feed and nourish each client from within. Carlos & Gloria are active coaches - helping individuals, families and businesses. Learn More...

"Yoga is a Journey from the Head to the Heart"


"The light of consciousness provides us with an opening to the 

divine potential that is inborn, and always present within Us."

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You've registered for class!  How do you prepare? What do you bring?  What time do you arrive at the studio?  You may register for class online or at the studio ~ we encourage you to save your spot online! Need help registering? Call 727-608-4008. Be sure to bring a Yoga mat and a bottle of water.  If you are attending a heated class, bring a towel big enough for your mat.  Don't have a mat, we have rentals for $3 or for sale.  Be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes before your class!  And bring a SMILE!  Register for Class

Coming to Class

Yoga for Us

Life Coaching

 Pranic Healing adjusts the bio-electromagnetic field known as the aura, which contains the mold or blueprint of the physical and psychological body. Our bodies possess innate healing abilities, and Pranic Healing accelerates this healing process by the cleansing of "diseased" energy and transferring of new and vital energy. Pranic Healing uses natural life-force to bring about a healthier physical and psychological bodyLearn More...

Pranic Healing

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy in Clearwater! Yoga as therapy is an internationally recognized approach to Yoga to help individual students in the following ways:Therapeutics for High or Low Blood Pressure ~ Fundamentals of skeletal Alignment ~ Therapeutics for Injured or Aching Backs ~ Therapeutics for issues of digestion and elimination ~ Therapeutics for PMS, menstruation, peri & menopause ~ Therapeutics for Depression and Anxiety ~ Philosophy: non-violence, forgiveness, self-respect, self-appreciation ~ Meditation Training for improved quality of life ~ Pranayama or breathing Practices ~ Understanding contraindications for injury and issues ~ Learn therapeutics for Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back ~ Therapeutics for arthritis, fibromyalgia, & autoimmune challenges.  Learn More ...

"On this Path No Effort Is Ever Wasted, no gain ever reversed; Even a little of this practice

will bring you great joy."

Soon You Will Find  Our Style  of Yoga Is So Much More Than Exercise