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Integrative Yoga Practice


Group Classes.

At Shanti Heart Sanctuary, I focus on developing a sense of ease through your body that permeates into
your mind ... I will move you from where you are to where you desire to be.

Thank you for trusting my knowledge and heart to guide you into the path of Wellness and Wholeness.


Integrative Hatha Flow & Healing Singing Bowls

Morning Group Classes

75 minute practice every Fri. 9am - 10:15 am

Must reserve your spot

Classes are guided inside our studio or the lakefront deck when weather permits.

A heartful, supported and healing yoga flow designed to release deep layers of tension stored in your physical and energetic body. Enjoy a slower paced class, focusing on increasing your flexibility, strength, harmony and awareness. You will cultivate a greater sense of being grounded and enhance your state of mind, as we also include meditation as part of this practice. 


The practice at Shanti Heart has the deep intention to be accessible to everyone, modifications and props are always available.

Realizing Serenity Yoga Series- Sound healing & Reiki

6 consecutive weeks evening class series

75 minute practice on Wed. 6:15 to 7:30pm

Series begins June 21st - July 26th 

Must reserve your spot

Classes are guided inside our studio or the lakefront deck when weather permits. You can join the series at any time, and pro-rate the package.

Learn how to access deeper aspects of yourself and explore tools and techniques through our integrative hatha yoga flow practice that will support you in your everyday life. In this 6 consecutive week group series, we use our bodies to relax our minds and have a better understanding of the tools of mindfulness & heartfulness as an invitation to experience serenity in our moment to moment lives. 

During the most important pose and everyone’s favorite, Savasana (integrating) you will enjoy a longer than usual resting pose to receive sound therapy ( healing singing bowls) and Reiki energy healing.

Note: you must reserve your spot ahead of time to participate. Space is limited. 727-479-8755.

Shanti Heart yoga flow has the deep intention to be accessible to everyone. Modifications and props are always welcome.

Look forward to seeing you on the mat. Practice will be inside the sanctuary room or on the deck by the lake whenever weather permits.


Class Prices

Drop In Class:  $20

5 Class Pack:    $70

10 Class Pack:  $130

Evening 6 consecutive week Class Series - once a week  $90

You may join a 6 week series at any time, price will be prorated if space is available.

You must reserve your spot to participate in any of the classes. To schedule call or email Gloria 727-479-8755 or I look forward to supporting you!


3 Private Class Series


These classes are designed to welcome you into your practice and give you the opportunity to ask questions, to become familiar with the poses and receive hands on to help you have good alignment and a safe practice.  The benefits also include building your strength, flexibility, and receiving enjoyment from a class that is specific to your needs and goals. These classes will move you from where you are to where you desire to be. You may continue with private classes or decide to join group classes once you complete your three sessions.

Private sessions can be scheduled to best fit your day to day life.

To schedule your private series call or email Gloria 727-479-8755 or   
Investment for 3 private 1-hour class series is $200

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