1 on 1 Holistic Life Coaching

Practice a holistic approach to your life, embrace and allow awareness to become your wholeness. We are more alike than we are different! we all desire to be heard, seen, accepted, belong and feel loved.

Healing and balance is possible

Get on the path of change and transformation with new tools, better understanding of your habits, patterns, and an amazing sense of purpose. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. I offer a range of coaching options, tools, and a sacred & safe space to help you achieve balance and harmony.


Engaging in holistic life coaching could be for you if:

  • You desire to be heard and seen with compassion and understanding, allowing you to see yourself clearly and your options.

  • You are stuck in unhealthy patterns and can’t seem to find a way out alone.

  • You sometimes feel overwhelmed and tired of trying to figure it out and end up with the same patterns and results affecting your wellbeing, leading to a sense of disconnection and isolation.

  • You desire to feel at home in your own body and at ease in your life – Living your purpose.

  • You desire to growth a healthier more loving relationship with Self, partners and others.

  • Your relationship dynamic is not working for you.

Book Your Session

First session 90 minutes for $110. Three consecutive 60-minute sessions for $240. To schedule feel welcome to call or email Gloria 727-479-8755 or gloria@shantiheartyoga.com

I look forward to supporting you!