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Spiritual Family Constellations

Begin your journey of Deep awareness,

Unconditional love and Real Freedom!! 


Spiritual Family Constellations is a healing modality through Soul-work at the level of the heart designed to reconcile hidden, unknown, and unresolved issues to be seen and healed in a new light. Opening a door and possibilities to address and heal any stressors impacting the seeker’s relationships with himself or herself, with others, and life itself. Spiritual Family Constellations, regularly called movement of the soul, are living phenomenological experience.


Who are Spiritual Family Constellations for?

Anyone who is experiencing any sort of blockage, repeating pattern, physical symptom, toxic relationship, or a desire to upgrade their life.


It may be used as a potential therapeutic/healing modality for people who:

  • Are seeking to address negative or harmful relationship patterns

  • Want to be in a romantic relationship

  • Are attempting to resolve family entanglements

  • Want to overcome inner turmoil

  • Have experienced significant trauma or loss 

  • Are in search of personal and professional success

Spiritual Family Constellations have proven over the years to be the fastest and most influential tool for expansion. They have gained popularity behind the massive discoveries made by Bert Hellinger.

Through a great deal of observation and research, he was able to address how the majority of life issues, blocks, dramas, illness etc. are anchored within our lineage, within our family systems. Those so-called “dramas” and issues of life are an expression of our auric field, of what he called the order of love. When there is no sense of belonging, balance and order in the expression and unfolding of our family system, there is no harmony in our life. Disorder equals disharmony. Be Awakened to a deeper understanding, acceptance and perhaps forgiveness of what is keeping you from the Best expression of yourself!!!


How do Spiritual Family Constellations work? 

A Spiritual Family Constellation is performed in a group setting where members of the group can be either participants or the person seeking resolution of an issue. Once the Seeker (constellator)  presents an issue, the whole group comes into service to this person’s family system, and we begin. Some participants are chosen to be representatives and the facilitator will allow the movement to unfold itself. You may join us as an observer and reserve the right not to be a representative or constellator. 

Through the use of the morphogenic  (the knowing field,) the field of information in which we are all connected as proven by quantum physics, representatives are able to embody which sort of entanglements are creating an impact in our life that keep us from moving forward into greater awareness and greater joy.

Join our next Spiritual
Family Constellation

November 11, 2023 9am to 5pm 

We are offering spiritual family constellations on November 11th in English.

Spiritual Family Constellations is soul work —within the “knowing energy field-“ this work supports the resolution of inherited trauma, gaps to understanding and familial patterns. Through this work the participants decode their emotional blueprint- an exploration and invitation to break free from the patterns that hold you back and create constant suffering of the unknown systems. 

Return home with an understanding and appreciation of how Spiritual Family Constellation work offers a positive impact on the way you live your life. Healing is possible and the knowing field is full of grace, love and compassion… break free from entanglements, identifications, hidden unconscious loyalties, exclusions, and broken relationships. 

​Come🙏 join us to experience your own spiritual constellation. The investment is $185. Food is included. 

You can also experience this healing modality as a participant. You may be chosen to be a representative in someone’s constellation. The investment is $85. Food is included.

As a participant/representative in another’s constellation you will experience healing and insights as much as the person who is constellating. The goal of Spiritual family constellations work is to remove emotional, mental, physical, and relational patterns that have been caused by deeply felt occurrences in our family history or ancestors’ lives.


Constellation work is a deep experience and affects everyone in the retreat. It has been established that the healing energy present in this work is realized equally among all participants, working and supporting alike.

Blessings and look forward to seeing you at our Shanti Heart sanctuary. Register now!!! Space is limited. Email or contact me at 727-479-8755

​Chef Carlos will be nourishing our body/mind/soul with amazing food. All meals are prepared from scratch and are vegetarian. 

​If you are not familiar with this work we invite you to see Another Self or Sex, Love & Goop: Episode 5 “Thank the Past” both on Netflix.

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