Is private Yoga for me?

Many students feel overwhelmed at the idea of joining a group yoga class the first time.  I completely understand, I was one of those. If you are a beginner and would like to be able to stop and ask questions during the practice then a private class is perfect for you. Private sessions allow the instructor to tailor the experience to your needs and interests. Yoga is the most wonderful tool to be kind to ourselves; in private class, we educate and guide the student on how to use different postures to undue, rehab or awaken the body for healthy bones, muscles, tissue, heart, mind and overall wellness. It is key that the student learn and understand the importance of honoring the unique and wonderful fact that we all have a different body form and type and that there are certain yoga postures, modifications and practices that would support and suit your yoga (Union) better. 

​I’ve been practicing for a while, so would a private session benefit me?

​Absolutely! As we grow in our practice, there are poses that you can break down further with your instructor. Making sure your alignment is safe, learning how to use props to support you, and practicing breathing techniques to take your practice to the next level. As in everything else, through our practice we acquire what we call bad habits - a private class is a wonderful opportunity to be completely supported and guided, discovering how small changes and adjustments can avoid future injuries and modifications in your body structure. We are energy and it is about the fluidity of this that sustains balance and a supple happy system. 

​Where are private sessions held?

We hold our private sessions right here at Shanti Heart to ensure a calming environment and that we have all the supplies necessary. Let us know how we can support you, we are here for you. ​

​How much does it cost? 

​The cost is $70 dollars for one or two people. If you desire a private class with up to 5 people the cost is $90 dollars. If someone in the group is injured, in a rehab period or has a condition that requires further attention, schedule a yoga therapy session with Gloria.

​How do I schedule a private session?

​​Just email and tell us about yourself, any experience with yoga, any injuries we should be aware of and share with us your desire for a private class. 


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​ What you seek is seeking you. Yoga is a wonderful tool for health and balance - it keeps us on the steady path of wellness. Regular practice provides the equanimity to cope with the stresses and various stages of life. Let us support you on your search for wholeness and happiness.